Introducing the Ekemat ET800 CNC Top Grinder with an Integrated Camera System

Equipment, ltd.’s ET800 CNC top grinder is a compact, heavy-duty machine engineered to sharpen a wide variety of circular saw blades. This CNC top grinder comes equipped with a high-pressure, high-volume flood-coolant system that is capable of using either oil or water-soluble coolants to keep saw-blade grinding operations running smoothly without overheating. With its automatic CNC operation, the ET800 also allows the operator to continue working while the top-grinding machine simultaneously sharpens the saw blades. The ability to sharpen the saw blades without having to shut down the machine enables these innovative CNC top grinders to increase productivity and efficiency while reducing costly downtime.


  • Compact, heavy-duty CNC top grinder

  • Windows 10-based PC system with saw blade library

  • Sharpens saw blades from 5” (125mm) to 28” (715mm)

  • Indexing from 5/16” (8mm) to 5” (125mm)

  • Hydraulic saw-blade clamping

  • 180mm diamond wheel capable of very-flat grinding

  • Three-axis CNC for exact positioning

  • 1,1kW (1.5 HP) grinding motor with poly-v-belt system for minimal vibration

  • 220 Volt, three-phase, 60-cycle including adjustable transformer

  • Double-bar saw-slide system

  • Grinds up to 20 teeth per minute

  • Full machine enclosure

  • Full high-pressure, high-volume flood-coolant system

  • Capable of grinding with oil or water-soluble coolants

  • Manual central lubrication system



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